Saturday, February 27, 2010


Ugh, so i know i've been lagging lately, but it's not my fault! i swear! i'm temporarily staying with my parents until we find a place of our own, and although the 5 acres of land and privacy are great, internet service blows! we just got internet yesterday [my parents are extremely old school, and don't bother with things like internet lol.], but since it's kind of outside of the city we were only able to get at&t's usb internet! boooooo. it blows! sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. there's a limit as to how much i can use things like youtube and hulu, and it's extremely slow compared to cable, so unfortunately i can't upload vids at home.  i've recorded a video on reviews for products i've been using which i plan to upload either tomorrow or sunday.  i'll also be working on some more hair tutorials as well.  but, all i have right now are some pictures. :[ better than nothing at least... or i hope. lol it's snowy and cold here and i miss sunny SD already! oh well, i'll enjoy it while i can. :]  
Here's a few photos i took with my phone.
just me being bored :]
my babies Harry and Landon! :] They're sleepy.
part of my backyard. look at all the snow! it's sort of beautiful right??


  1. Wow! You are so lucky to be able to live in Alaska, it is beautiful. You look gorgeous as always. My parents are old school too but they have been internet crazy lately. Not necessarily they're good at using the computer, but they're trying. It's like teaching an old dog a new trick (frustrating at times).

  2. ur little dogs are adorable!

  3. thanks girls! yeah it's beautiful here, but i do miss sunny San Diego! yeah, my parents are wanting to learn about internet and computers as well, we'll see how that goes lol. i loveee my babies! they're super cute right??? but what mother doesn't think her babies are the cutest thing alive? hahah.

  4. My parents are almost the same way, even though my Dad worked in IT for years. They have dial-up at home; they're not Internet junkies like their kids are! LOL! My Mom called Facebook "Facepage" the other day. I thought it was cute!

    I love your puppies! Aww!


  5. hahaha whenever I'm trying to show my mom how to do something on her computer or satellite, she gets this notepad out and takes notes with her reading glasses on, she's adorable!