Tuesday, February 2, 2010


On the Oceanside Pier. Love California.

So to start, here are the photos of the eyelashes I recently purchased on ebay. They're handmade, so the band is a little stiffer than store bought ones, but i'm ok with it and am getting quite used to it. I'm usually into more of a thicker lash, but these are really cute and show up in pictures since they have little spikes. They remind me of the cute Japanese girls with the dolly eyes. 100 pairs for around $40? Pretty good deal! The stiff band actually makes the lashes last longer, if taken care of properly. Now, I've got lashes for months! lol. i'll probably continue to buy some thicker ones as well though.

Earlier today, the bf and I decided to run some needed errands and then make a stop at Ruby's on the pier. Our friend's had given us a gift card that we had yet to use. The day could've been sunnier, but I'm not complaining, it was nice to get some fresh air. I love Ruby's! They have the most amazing malts and milkshakes, not to mention the Cherry Coke! The old-fashioned way, not the store bought cherry coke. :] I had the fish and chips with parmesan bleu cheese fries. yum! i would've taken a picture, but I was seriously hungry and pretty much forgot to. :P Anyway, here are some random photos from the beach on our way to and from Ruby's.

There are more photos on my facebook, I was too lazy to post all of them on here!

OH, and only in San Diego will you find a wild sea lion hanging out by parked cars near the parking lot! lol. so cute, i just wanted to squeeze him! he was loving the attention! I decided to name him Simon... Simon the Sea Lion. haha. Who wouldn't love that face?!


  1. Aw he's so cute!
    I was born in San Diego, but we moved to TN when I was like 4, so unfortunately, I don't remember any of it :o(
    I love the beach though, looks like ya'll had a fun laid-back day!

  2. Must be really nice to live in California. I really like your blog :) Btw, how did you grow out your hair so long? I'm trying to but I don't know how to go about it.

  3. Ashley: i lovvvve the beach! i'm a totally beach bum. I'm originally from alaska though! i know! crazzzzy. probably explains why i love the sun so much haha.

    Carmen: Yes, I love California! where are you from? and thanks! i'm glad you enjoy my blog. i hope i can keep it entertaining enough! lol my hair grows really fast. I usually just get a trim ever few months. A lot of times when I'm not out, I don't style my hair, just to give it a rest. Also, I try to keep my hair protected by using biosilk to seal in the moisture into my hair. Don't brush your hair too often either! it causes breakage. I usually have a wide tooth comb in the shower and while i have conditioner in my hair i comb it gently. when you get out and dry your hair, it's super soft! You can always take beauty vitamins as well, they help with hair and nail growth. I don't take them, but i'm thinking about it! taking fish oil also helps with beautiful skin and hair :] anyway, hope that helped a little!

    thanks for your guys' comments! i love reading them! :]

  4. I'm from Texas. Maybe I should stop brushing my hair so much haha. I have really fine hair so anything I do to it, it gets easily damaged. What kind of biosilk do you use? Any recommendation for shampoo and conditioner? Don't worry, your blog is pretty entertaining. Are you Korean by any chance?

  5. aww sea lions!!! how cute! those lashes lok nice :) real human hair?

  6. Carmen: I used to live in Austin, TX before i moved out here! :] well, i use the biosilk silk therapy. I'm pretty sure you can find it anywhere like at cvs or maybe even walmart? i think it's like $13 or $14, but i only use a small amount so it lasts forever! As for hair products, i use a lot of bumble and bumble. and yes, i'm korean. :]

    Ting: i believe they are made of real human hair, but i'll double check to make sure. they're pretty cute on. they look kind of dramatic, but when i put them on they're not at all. only wish they were a little thicker, i like thick lashes ;] i've been trying out several ebay lashes though, so they'll be more posts i'm sure.
    The sea lion is adorable huh?! I fell in love with him! lol

  7. those are quite a bit of lashes! ha. :)
    buti love you big hair!

  8. thank you! haha i know, unfortunately i'm a lash addict. i feel like i can never have too many lol.