Monday, February 1, 2010

Just a random picture. I was going through my photo album and came across it.
Over the weekend, I met up with a friend, whom I rarely get to see! She drove up from La Jolla, and we ended up going to a place called Yogis Beach Bar. The night was full of vodka tonics, laughter, and maybe even a little fist pumping?! haha. Our friends SP and Emily also spent the evening with us, they're definitely always down for a good time and I'm so glad they were able to make it out! Afterwards, we made a stop at the trusty Jack in the Box, or as my bf calls it, J Bo's, where we ordered 14 tacos and a bacon cheeseburger! So much for my diet! don't worry, I only had one taco... my bf managed to take care of our portion of the tacos lol. anyway, that was pretty much my Saturday night. I would've taken more photos in different locations, other than the table lol, but my bf lost the charger to my camera, so I'm relying on photos taken off of my friend's camera.

on another note:
OMG, if you haven't seen George Lopez's HBO stand up comedy specials, you definitely have to check it out! He is one hilarious man! I think I find his humor funnier now because I have a bf who's part Mexican, and he's taught me a lot of the slang and behaviors that George had mentioned. Regardless, the man is definitely amusing.

I still have to post those photos of my eyelashes that I ordered off of ebay! I haven't uploaded them, but i will!

Today's been an irritable kind of day. It started off with trying to wake up from crazy scary dreams, only to find that my body felt paralyzed and my eyes couldn't open! It's like my mind was awake before my body. So creepy, I seriously hate when that happens! Does that ever happen to anyone else? My bf experiences the same thing sometimes. Strange. Then, when I finally woke up, I felt like someone had beaten me up with a bat while I was sleeping! My body was achy and I had a gnarly headache! I don't know what it is, but today was a crappy day for me. I took like a 3 hour nap, and now I feel a little better lol. But, tomorrow's a new day! I want to get out and take tons of photos, not sure of what... I just know that's what I want to do. Oh, and I almost forgot, I have photos to post that my bf took of me in the house, just randomly. He likes taking photos when the sun comes through our balcony doors. Nothing fancy, I was literally on the computer at home when he says, "go sit in the sun." lol. uhh, ok? Of course, my puppies had to get in the mix. They can't not be around me for even a minute... worse than kids I tell ya! So, you'll get to see them as well. Alright, it's 9:30 and I need to get to the store to buy some water and drop off movies that we rented. We literally go through one of those 24 - 32 packs of bottled water in like a week! And ever since we discovered RedBox, we haven't been to Blockbuster in like a year. haha! it's convenient and fast! Only downfall is that we watch a lot of movies, so the selection gets limited. We don't have any tv in our house since we're moving! We literally have a bed...and that's about it! Ugh, I can't wait till this move is over and we get situated again. Anyway, have a good night! Will post again tomorrow! :]

p.s. I just bought the first season of Glee...and i loveeee! :P


  1. Oh my gosh that same thing happens to me! Its called sleep paralysis. It can be hereditary, its all over my Dad's side of the family. Some people just have the paralysis, but some people (*cough cough, me), see scary stuff while paralyzed. I HATE it! Definitely a bad start to the day.

  2. oh god, it's super scary! it's happened to my mom when i younger, i remember i had to shake her to get her up once. She's like you, she sees scary stuff while paralyzed! :[ BOO for sleep paralysis! thanks for sharing! :]