Monday, February 15, 2010

GAHHHHH! so busy!

So, as some of you may know, i'm currently in the process of moving. Tomorrow will be my last day here in SD. :[ i've been packing, cleaning, and just getting organized and ready to pick up and leave this beloved place. i'll definitely be back, that's for sure. just have some opportunities and what not that are unfortunately located elsewhere. so i'm sorry for slacking on the blogs! once i get situated i'll be back up and running again. :] oh, and i also got my circle lenses! at first i really wasn't crazy about them, i felt like i looked like a crazed alien. lol still not 100% sold on them, but they're definitely growing on me. i'm really not sure what all the hype is about them though, they're kind of freakish in my opinion <:P
i took a brief break from cleaning to take some photos of my boyfriend's new fetish. lol. i popped out the lenses on some 3D glasses, and put them on as a joke, but he insisted i keep them on. i've been wanting to get new prescription glasses since mine are all scratched up and old, and i really wanted some rayban ones... wayfayers i think? you know, the ones shaped like those oh so popular rayban sunglasses these days. anyway, here's a snapshot of me with my very cool 3D glasses lol.
oh, and i have on my circle lenses here. :] i know, i look like a goofball, but i like being a goofball ;] andddd i had to post something! it's been awhile!
please be patient with me everyone, i'll be back in full effect soon! :D

LOVE LOVE LOVE EVERYONE! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! what'd everyone do? must've been better than my day of cleaning and packing. >:[


  1. aww they look cute! I have EOS Adult Grey & Brown... trying to order MAX Brown. I kept one of those 3D glasses too haha I hope moving is going well :) Where are you moving to?

  2. thanks! i want to try the adult brown lenses too! do they look sorta natural? i'm moving back to anchorage, alaska! :[

  3. Uhm... they are not that natural, kinda like the color honey (in freshlook colorblends colored contacts). It's very light. I really like the EOS adult grey though, it's really pretty. If you visit frmheadtote (Jen's blog), she has a review for EOS adult brown. Oh? Leaving California for Alaska? Did something happen? I hope everything is okay. <3

  4. aww youre cute :P no more sd? good luck with your move!!

  5. thanks guys! everything is great! just moving back because there's a better opportunity that awaits in alaska. :]
    and yeah, i've seen her videos, i'll definitely consider the adult grey lenses for my next pair. :]
    thanks again guys! :]

  6. i also want to try wayfarers. I think they are cool.