Thursday, February 4, 2010


Last night I ordered a pair of World Series circle lenses in green. I opted for ones that wouldn't make me look like a possessed freak lol. Hopefully I'll get them soon and post pictures, yay! I ordered mine on (but to be quite honest, they have the same kind, and more, on for a lot cheaper!). andddd the pinkparadise ones come with a cute animal shaped case! i know, i was really bummed when i found that out. Regardless, I'm excited to try them out.

I bought the first season of Glee, and I LOVE it! haha. I think I'm fond of all things musical, and I'm definitely not ashamed to admit it. lol.

We went out and got some groceries earlier today, and I snapped a picture in the car. I always wondered what the heck FOTD stood for... and I think I've figured it out! Face Of The Day? Now, who came up with these anyway? whatever, here's my face for today lol.
Pretty simple. Just some bronzy, gold, with some neutral browns. I know, not the best picture to show makeup. I used almost all MAC products. It's hard to tell from the picture, but I'll list all of the products I used down below.

Loreal True Blend Color Match foundation
MAC cream blush in Posey
MAC mineralized skin finish natural in dark (for the bronzy glow)

MAC shadows. Casino, Retrospeck, Embark, and Cork (used Cork both on my lids and eyebrows)
MAC kohl pencil in Smolder
Maybelline mascaras, 2000 calorie and Colossal
ebay lashes (korean brand)

Maybelline Color Sensations in Pink Please
MAC lipglass in Underage

Not that anyone cares lol, but just incase anyone's curious.

My hair's day old hair (in other words not washed for a day). I like it the second day better than on the first. It's easier to style and looks better, more carefree and messy-like. That's my opinion anyway. All I did was pin back the two sides of my hair that normally frame my face with bobby pins. My hair's still wavy, since I curled it yesterday. Usually to get the messy look, I just spray on a little hairspray, then tousle and scrunch it, this is only if my hair is day old hair and previously curled.

I'll post a little something more later!


  1. Cute! You look tan :) I never wear much make up when I go out, maybe some BB cream and blush, everyone looks like crap for classes so I opted for that look. ;p You definitely look like a California girl!

  2. thanks Carmen! In the summer I usually wear less makeup, since I'm always at the beach and in the water anyway. I wish I could just naturally always be tan! lol
    I've got some bb cream too! love that stuff, but in photos it makes me look ghastly white! and the shade of it is too light, sometimes i mix it with my other foundation. my mom sent it to me, but it definitely makes my skin feel good.

  3. I used to play tennis and even my asiasn friends were like... "uhhh.. you're orange" because of the Texas sun. Since starting college it became my goal to be as pale as I could get. I love bb cream but regular foundations have better coverage :) Have you tried Missha M Perfect #23 BB cream? It is a bit darker than most BB creams so it might fit your tone better.

  4. haha. i know, i look orange in this picture, even my bf was like uh. but, it's because i edited it with a photoshop app on my iphone. i promise, my skin tone does not match that of an oompa loompa! hahah. well, i hope not at least. lol. seriously though, i don't look good pale :[ it would be so much easier if i did though!
    i've heard good things about missha bb cream, but i haven't got any since i still have a lot left of the kind i have. i'll def. check it out though. thanks for commenting! i really enjoy reading your comments and chit chatting with you!

  5. btw, i know you asked if i was korean, are you as well? from your picture it looks like you could either be korean or japanese?

  6. any picture I take of myself always looks too orange, or washed out. I can never get a picture to show a true representation of my actual skin tone! lol

  7. Yeah, I'm Korean :) I enjoy chit chatting with you too. I don't think you will look bad pale and being tan suits you also. The BB cream is only like $12 on ebay, it's pretty cheap. I noticed your were a nursing major/nurse and I'm also kinda in that field. My major is part of the nursing school, i'm in science of communicative disorders (habilitation of the deaf and hard of hearing). Basically I get be a teacher of the deaf :)

  8. carmen: that is pretty cheap! and that's awesome that you're going to school for that! yeah, helping others is definitely a rewarding feeling. :]