Monday, June 11, 2012


Nothing really special today! I'm exhausted! The weather is glum, and I wish I was in my cozy bed with my babies! I may or may not have exciting news, we'll just have to wait it out! 😁 I've learned to keep to myself and my loved ones. It's what makes me the happiest. Time to grow up and move on. All the negativity needs to be extracted from my life. I don't need anything as long as i have my family and love. This world can be cruel and shallow, especially in Alaska! Lol. Whatevvvvvs. I rise above the influence! ;)

Friday, June 1, 2012

What a hoot...

I try and have fun even if my days consist of work, and more work. :P

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Such a repetitiveness within each work day, but thankful I have my best friend and love of my life here with me! :)

Sweet and sour.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

rainy day.

ok. so does anyone else loveeee Guilana and Bill as much as i do?! i'm asking because i'm sitting here on this rainy day in alaska tipping back a few brewskis and watching their show.
man, life is crazy busy, and though i wish i had more time, i know this is what's best for the future.
on regards to the few comments i got on my hair... you guys are too nice! i am by no means a professional, quite far from it at that. lol. but, i'm flattered that you all care to know! :] i want to try and do an update on how i do my hair since it's been so long.
it sounds rather childish to say, but i so wish i was in disneyland right now! i love the happiest place on earth and could use a little child's play right about now.  life can be so serious, i'm thankful that i'm able to be a goofball on a regular basis. :P
P.S. i scolded my baby today for peeing inside the house. :( this is how he looked...

he loves meeeee.. ;)

so disappointing when you take the first sip of your americano (or any coffee drink at that), and the taste of bitter burnt crap consumes your entire mouth.  boo to crappy baristas. :( i highly depend on that first cup of joe to get me up and functioning. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

woooooowwwwwwww. it's been forever! so much has changed since my last post! we have a successful business up and running, anddddddd.... i got engaged! exciting stuff! i don't know what caused it, but i found the urge to blog, yet again.  although, i do think i have grown and matured somewhat, and i'm sure my future blogs will reflect that.  instead of makeup, hair, blah, blahhhh, hooplah, my blog will be focused on life.  the lovely things and people that surround me, and the daily ramblings of whatever i decide is important enough to share on my blog.  i'm a big eater, so food will alwaysssss be apart of me and my blog... unfortunately, my gut also agrees. :P so hop on this train, which i call my life, and join me on the ride! (lol, so clever). awesome. since we've got that all squared away, have an amaze balls night, and we'll meet again when the train boards tomorrow! har har har.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

top of the morning to you!

goood morningggg! i didn't get a wink of sleep, but i'm surprising wide awake! yesterday, i made myself bahn xeo (vietnamese crepes) and they were delicious!
on an unrelated topic. do you ever feel like you try to look out for a friend's best interest, but it ends up backfiring on you? ugh, talk about a snookie and jwoww moment. lol
today is the first day that i'll be able to watch one of my bf's basketball games! with our busy schedules it's been hard to have the same days off. i'm excited to be his little cheerleader! :D

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Went out Friday night to support a friend while she modeled for a Bebe fashion show. It was a fun night, but i was clearly reminded that i was living in a "smaller town." lol. not really anything like a fashion that might have taken place in some bigger city. nonetheless, i must say, she did an awesome job, definitely stood out from the rest of the girls. as i tell myself that i will not being going out for awhile, i am reminded of one of my dearest friends visit this coming weekend. not only is she visiting, it's her birthday weekend. so scratch the idea of sitting home quietly with a cup of cocoa. i'll try and upload pictures from the show as soon as possible, who knows when that'll be though. haha.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

sleepless night.

it's 1:13am and i'm still awake! for someone who works 12-14 hour days everday, that's a stretch! for once, i decided i'd post a couple of pictures and update my blog! such a lagger lol. i should really do it more, to have an outlet to vent, or just express my thoughts. because i've been emotionally, physically, and mentally drained! although, in my defense, it's not entirely my fault i can't update my blog! i'm physically incapable of doing anything after i come home from work! exhaustion takes control of me! on another note, i've finally managed to find some time to get all squared away with my schooling. i'm officially a UAA Seawolf. lol. i've received my certificate of admission for spring semester of 2011, and my credits have been transferred over. i'm excited, anxious, and nervous all at once! hopefully my life will be a little more balanced and less...well, chaotic. the restaurant has been a load of stress that's been weighing me down. with school coming to a start soon, i'll have a reason to find time for myself. how's everyone been doing? happy holidays! i'd love to hear what everyone else has been up to!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So i know that, once again, i've been lagging on the updates since i've been in Alaska. butttttt, john and i have started another blog that's all about our Alaskan adventures. I've been updating that quite a bit, so if you're curious as to what i've been up to, check it out!
don't ask about the name, we were watching george lopez and it was the first thing that came to mind. lol hope to see you there!