Thursday, December 9, 2010

sleepless night.

it's 1:13am and i'm still awake! for someone who works 12-14 hour days everday, that's a stretch! for once, i decided i'd post a couple of pictures and update my blog! such a lagger lol. i should really do it more, to have an outlet to vent, or just express my thoughts. because i've been emotionally, physically, and mentally drained! although, in my defense, it's not entirely my fault i can't update my blog! i'm physically incapable of doing anything after i come home from work! exhaustion takes control of me! on another note, i've finally managed to find some time to get all squared away with my schooling. i'm officially a UAA Seawolf. lol. i've received my certificate of admission for spring semester of 2011, and my credits have been transferred over. i'm excited, anxious, and nervous all at once! hopefully my life will be a little more balanced and less...well, chaotic. the restaurant has been a load of stress that's been weighing me down. with school coming to a start soon, i'll have a reason to find time for myself. how's everyone been doing? happy holidays! i'd love to hear what everyone else has been up to!

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