Friday, August 28, 2009

My birthday weekend!

yayyy! My 25th is this Monday, so i'll be celebrating starting today and over the weekend! Tonight's going to be a good night with lots of laughs! The bf bought tickets to watch the kim's of comedy! i loveeeee itttt :D bobby i come! lol  
that's all for now, i'll update later!

Enjoy your Friday and weekend everyone!!!


Monday, August 24, 2009

Friday Night.

This past Friday night, a fellow girlfriend and I roamed the streets of SD downtown.  We first made a stop to Ocean Aire where we dined on $1 oysters and happy hour treats with a couple glasses of wine.  Afterwards, we headed out for a night of bar hopping.  Overall it was a good night, with free drinks all night and vip entrance into all the spots.  I must admit, that I can't party like I used to!  We were pretty wasted and the night was full of highs and lows...I won't get into the details. lol.

Anyway, this is just a quick update since I haven't posted anything for awhile.  Fall semester started today and work is coming next week.  Oh, not to forget my 25th birthday next week! August, but I guess I'll just have to make it a birthday weekend! ;] 

Here's are a picture from Friday night:

The bathroom had amazing lighting! lol!  Oh, and not too many pictures since my bf lost the charger to my camera :[ so that's all for now... Maybe i'll upload a few more from my iphone later. 

Till next time! 

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just another day.

While John is at work, sick might I add, I'm spending another lazy afternoon playing with makeup.  Seriously, these afternoons of leisure are becoming incredibly boring...I never thought I'd hear myself say that.  Although my mind is turning to mush while playing with makeup  and watching Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern, I'm trying to enjoy what's left of my little vacay.  School Starts next week, not to mention work!  I'm taking 13 units this semester...full time is 12, and I'm hoping to be full-time at my job.  Busy, busy, busy. I've got some homemade chicken soup with, ginger, garlic, onions, and potatoes waiting for John's arrival.  He rarely gets sick, but when he's bad.  That's all for now! Here's some random purple eyeliner makeup pics! lol
Ooooh, purple! ;] 

I promise when my life gets a little more interesting I'll have more interesting pictures, that aren't just of my face, up! lol

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Oh Sunday...

Friday night at Yogis winded up being a good time.  Good music, patron shots, and lots of dancing.  After bumping into a few friends of John, we ended up at Johnny O's, which was also pretty fun as well.  The only complaint I might have is that the place was extremely crowded.  I'm talking sardines.  All in all, it was a good night and I definitely won't be counting those two places out the next time we decide to hit up Encinitas.  

Not the most flattering lighting, but all we had were our cameras on our phones.  Yes, that's a Patron shot! I'm more of a whiskey girl myself. ;]

As for today, we'll be headed to John's coworker/friend's house to meet the new addition to his family.  Just a little BBQ shin dig.  Unfortunately for John, his friend resigned and won't be working with him more playing miniature frisbee golf sessions and throwing stuff and knocking shit over. lol  

On our way to Chris' house. 

Stuck in stupid traffic on a Sunday! There was a motorcycle accident...

Good food and good people... their baby is gorgeous!  Other than that, John got drunk...that's about it. lol 

Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Weekend!

It's Friday! yayyyy!
As I countdown my days of nothingness, [fall semester starts aug. 24th and i return to work august 31...on my]  I continue to lounge around the house, playing with my makeup and taking photos....not to mention watching all the re-runs of the real world, sixteen and pregnant, parental control all the lame shows mtv tends to play...over and over again. Here's a look at my photo session for today lol:

There's plenty more of where that came from...but you get the gist. 

Since I work as a teacher's assistant for an elementary school, I've got quite the vacation during summer.  Some of you might think...sweet!  No, definitely not.  Unfortunately the only way to enjoy your free time is if you're out...spending money.  With no job...there's no money.  I'm lucky enough to have an amazing boyfriend who supports my broke ass. lol  

If you didnt know....I live in Oceanside.  The drive to downtown SD is not particularly fun, especially when you know you'll be having to drive back up.  Downtown + Not being able to have a drink + Driving almost an hour at 2 am = Not too fun.  Fortunately, one of my girlfriends was nice enough to say that she'd be making a trip up here, and recommended that we go to a little spot called Yogis.  Never been there, but I'm looking forward to a chill night out.  Supposedly, they have a seafood market across the street...which I think I'll appreciate very much since I have a love of food and all things from the ocean.  I'll probably be posting pictures up later. So ciao for now!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

So it's been over a

side note (before the day is last thought):
So i decided to make chicken teriyaki, potato salad, and fried rice for dinner...One of John's faves.  Coming from an upbringing that involved restaurants since I was the age of 7 really seems to have influenced my life.  My mom has been the owner of several restaurants ever since I could remember, five to be exact, and all those years working at her places really enhanced my culinary knowledge!  I'm now grateful for the experiences, which I used to dread, of working for her.  I LOVE food!  Here's some photos of our dinner:

From the pictures, it looks like John enjoyed it! :]

I knew I'd be too lazy to update this thing all the time...
So here's a recap of my month:

I had amazing friends come visit San Diego in the last month.  It's always nice to see an old friend, especially when you rarely ever get to see them.  Here's a few pictures of their visit to SD:

Definitely good times!  It made me realize how special those childhood friends really are. No one can ever replace them and no matter how long it's been since you last seen them, it's like the bond between you never changed.  
Next stop...Seattle! To go visit Charr and Tay. ;]

Ok, so before I start rambling about my next random topic, I'd like to address something that's somewhat important to know and relevant to this blog.  You might be thinking, "Why the title Three rolled tacos with a side of kimchi?"  Well, as a lot of you might know, I live in a house full of boys.  My beautiful boyfriend John and our two boys Landon and Harry. Here's some photos of our boys:

Yes, they're dogs... no children yet! But, they might as well be considering the way that they act.  Anyway back to the title.  My boyfriend John's ethnicity consists of Spanish, Mexican, and Filipino.  His family is much more heavily influenced by the Mexican culture than anything else, so therefore, I call him my mexican lol.  Although, I'm sad to say he doesn't speak a lick of Spanish, nor does he really know much about the culture.  My two boys, Landon and Harry, both being Chihuahuas, are also "Mexican," since they originate from Mexico. haha.  The bf loves rolled tacos and I figured the "three rolled tacos" would represent my three Mexican boys, and I, alone, would be the side of kimchi.  Yes, I am 100% korean.  A lot of people ask what my nationality is, so there it is.  Oh, and the url: has to do with my Korean name.  It's pronounced Eng-Doo...but for some reason I've always wrote it as AngDu.  Anyway, it's a goofy name my grandma gave me because she couldn't pronounce came out as Engdoorea. hahah. Btw, it means Cherry, as in the fruit. ;]

Next topic.
Unfortunately, my ridiculously grown out roots needed some TLC.  Rather than making my normal drive down to PB to get my hair done, I opted for a more reasonable distance.  I searched online and found a girl name Yuki Hikida.  She has a little hair salon in Carlsbad, and I figure most Asians understand Asian hair.  She did a nice job on the hair cut, but the color turned out a lot lighter than I had anticipated.  All I needed was a "touch up" on my roots, but nonetheless, I walked out of the salon as a blonde.  I don't find it hideous, It's actually growing on me and I'm starting to dig the new do.  BUT, it was kind of a shock when I first looked into the mirror at home and REALLY checked it out.  Here's a before and after photo:
It's not as noticeable in the photos, but there's a drastic change!

Alright, that's all I can really think of posting for now...I know, boring right? lol
I'll definitely work on being a little more consistent with my posts.
Till next time!