Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Weekend!

It's Friday! yayyyy!
As I countdown my days of nothingness, [fall semester starts aug. 24th and i return to work august 31...on my]  I continue to lounge around the house, playing with my makeup and taking photos....not to mention watching all the re-runs of the real world, sixteen and pregnant, parental control all the lame shows mtv tends to play...over and over again. Here's a look at my photo session for today lol:

There's plenty more of where that came from...but you get the gist. 

Since I work as a teacher's assistant for an elementary school, I've got quite the vacation during summer.  Some of you might think...sweet!  No, definitely not.  Unfortunately the only way to enjoy your free time is if you're out...spending money.  With no job...there's no money.  I'm lucky enough to have an amazing boyfriend who supports my broke ass. lol  

If you didnt know....I live in Oceanside.  The drive to downtown SD is not particularly fun, especially when you know you'll be having to drive back up.  Downtown + Not being able to have a drink + Driving almost an hour at 2 am = Not too fun.  Fortunately, one of my girlfriends was nice enough to say that she'd be making a trip up here, and recommended that we go to a little spot called Yogis.  Never been there, but I'm looking forward to a chill night out.  Supposedly, they have a seafood market across the street...which I think I'll appreciate very much since I have a love of food and all things from the ocean.  I'll probably be posting pictures up later. So ciao for now!


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