Sunday, August 16, 2009

Oh Sunday...

Friday night at Yogis winded up being a good time.  Good music, patron shots, and lots of dancing.  After bumping into a few friends of John, we ended up at Johnny O's, which was also pretty fun as well.  The only complaint I might have is that the place was extremely crowded.  I'm talking sardines.  All in all, it was a good night and I definitely won't be counting those two places out the next time we decide to hit up Encinitas.  

Not the most flattering lighting, but all we had were our cameras on our phones.  Yes, that's a Patron shot! I'm more of a whiskey girl myself. ;]

As for today, we'll be headed to John's coworker/friend's house to meet the new addition to his family.  Just a little BBQ shin dig.  Unfortunately for John, his friend resigned and won't be working with him more playing miniature frisbee golf sessions and throwing stuff and knocking shit over. lol  

On our way to Chris' house. 

Stuck in stupid traffic on a Sunday! There was a motorcycle accident...

Good food and good people... their baby is gorgeous!  Other than that, John got drunk...that's about it. lol 

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