Tuesday, May 22, 2012

woooooowwwwwwww. it's been forever! so much has changed since my last post! we have a successful business up and running, anddddddd.... i got engaged! exciting stuff! i don't know what caused it, but i found the urge to blog, yet again.  although, i do think i have grown and matured somewhat, and i'm sure my future blogs will reflect that.  instead of makeup, hair, blah, blahhhh, hooplah, my blog will be focused on life.  the lovely things and people that surround me, and the daily ramblings of whatever i decide is important enough to share on my blog.  i'm a big eater, so food will alwaysssss be apart of me and my blog... unfortunately, my gut also agrees. :P so hop on this train, which i call my life, and join me on the ride! (lol, so clever). awesome. since we've got that all squared away, have an amaze balls night, and we'll meet again when the train boards tomorrow! har har har.

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