Sunday, May 27, 2012

rainy day.

ok. so does anyone else loveeee Guilana and Bill as much as i do?! i'm asking because i'm sitting here on this rainy day in alaska tipping back a few brewskis and watching their show.
man, life is crazy busy, and though i wish i had more time, i know this is what's best for the future.
on regards to the few comments i got on my hair... you guys are too nice! i am by no means a professional, quite far from it at that. lol. but, i'm flattered that you all care to know! :] i want to try and do an update on how i do my hair since it's been so long.
it sounds rather childish to say, but i so wish i was in disneyland right now! i love the happiest place on earth and could use a little child's play right about now.  life can be so serious, i'm thankful that i'm able to be a goofball on a regular basis. :P
P.S. i scolded my baby today for peeing inside the house. :( this is how he looked...

he loves meeeee.. ;)

so disappointing when you take the first sip of your americano (or any coffee drink at that), and the taste of bitter burnt crap consumes your entire mouth.  boo to crappy baristas. :( i highly depend on that first cup of joe to get me up and functioning. 

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