Thursday, February 4, 2010

my current drug of choice.

Uh, hello amazing bundle of melt in your mouth chocolaty goodness. So, if you haven't tried TimTams yet, you definitely are missing out. They're a popular Australian cookie that has graced it's deliciousness onto American soil. That's right, you can find them at Target, sometimes at Walmart, but usually always at Target. I prefer the Chocolate Creme over the Caramel, but either way... get some! But wait, it gets better...
You might think I'm insane for glorifying this little cookie, but until you have had a TimTam slam, you won't understand. Here's the deal, you get a hot beverage of your choice ie: hot chocolate, warm milk, or my personal favorite coffee. Nibble both ends of the cookie so that both ends are straight across, and use the cookie as a straw, kind of like red vines and soda. When you feel the warm beverage come up, hurry and pop the whole cookie in your mouth. YUM! it's pure ecstasy. I'll even provide a link to demonstrate how to properly do a TimTam slam. Yes, it's that serious. LOL.

As mad as I may sound... You know you wanna do it!!! ;]
I'll leave you with that thought... till next time fellow TimTam Slammers!

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  1. How many calories?? I'm a chocolate addict so haha I gotta watch the sugar and fattiness so I don't get huge..