Friday, January 29, 2010

Tone and Moisturize...Naturally!

So, in the midst of running my errands, I stopped by Target and realized that I needed some toner and moisturizer. Now, I've been using korean/japanese brand cleansers, moisturizers, and toners for as long as I could remember. It started when my mom purchased me my first set, which she still sends me from time to time. :] I've never really fallen in love with any of them. Recently, I went to the mall and purchased the Purity face wash from Philosophy. I've gone through a little less than half of the bottle (the large size), and I must say, this stuff is amazing! My skin feels smooth, soft, and hydrated! I have really sensitive skin, and this cleanser did not make my face irritated at all. It has kind of a sandalwoody scent, a bit musky, but it doesn't bother me. It's not organic, but contains plenty of natural ingredients. LOVE it! Anyway, back to the toner and moisturizer. I really can't afford to be spending tons and tons of money on really expensive stuff, so while I was at Target, I picked up Alba face toner along with the aloe and green tea moisturizer. I just used both products a few minutes ago when I got home (I like to take off my makeup and switch into pj's if I know I don't have any plans for the night), and although I can't form a valid opinion, since it's my first time using the products, my skin does feel soft and refreshed! The moisturizer feels amazing! My skin feels sooo soft! It hydrates without leaving the skin greasy and absorbs really well! All Alba products are made with 100% vegetarian ingredients, so I felt safe purchasing what I did, since I have such sensitive skin. I've only used these products once and I already like them better than my expensive korean products, especially the moisturizer! They were on sale for $11.99 each, which normally I think they're only a dollar more, but hey, I won't complain about the dollar savings! :] Definitely give these products a try if you're looking for an all natural skin line. Affordable and good for your skin, you can't lose! I'm telling you, I can't believe how soft the moisturizer made my skin! (I'm literally feeling my face right now in awe! lol) I was skeptical at first since I don't usually purchase my skincare products at the store, but I'm glad I did! Hopefully they won't let me down after a few uses... I'll let you know once I've been using the stuff enough to form a valid opinion. Now go quench your skin! :]

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