Thursday, January 28, 2010

So, what have i been up to? [photo overload]

Since I completely neglected my blog for 3 months and am now ready to continue blogging, I've decided to post up pictures of what I've been doing for those lost months. I recently made a trip back to Anchorage, Alaska (which is where I'm from), to visit family and friends during the holidays. So, there's those pictures, but also pictures from after I came back to San Diego. My visit to Alaska lasted a good 3 weeks. The weather was quite chilly, and I wasn't prepared for the drastic change from sunny San Diego to freezing cold Alaska. Although the weather kept me wanting to stay home, I managed to meet up with friends and show my bf (who's born and raised in SD) what Alaska has to offer. Basically, this post is just a recap of my favorite memories with some of my favorite people during the last couple of months. WARNING! There's a crapload of pictures! :D

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