Thursday, January 28, 2010

fitness goal.

Lately, I've been slacking on my health and well being. As of tomorrow, I'm hoping to keep a consistent fitness regimen, and attempt to not treat my mouth and stomach as a garbage disposal, by refraining from throwing junk in it. After the holidays and a visit back home to see the parents, I've felt considerably more unhappy about myself, both physically and mentally. Hooray for being asian and having parents that like to fill you with love by feeding you nonstop! NOT. I'm sure that extra donut won't feel as good as I will once I reach my ideal physique. It's not like I want to lose a crazy amount of weight, and I definitely don't think I'm overweight. It's more of a self confidence thing. If I work out and eat healthy, I feel better, and that makes me feel confident. Anyway, I'll try to update my progress on here as I go on.

Let's get our tone on! :]
YAY for being healthy!!

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