Sunday, October 25, 2009

Quick Update

Got my wisdom teeth pulled last weekend! Not fun :[ i prolonged my visit to the dentist to get them removed, and boy did it bite me in the butt! 

The bf has been extra sweet lately and has been doing these random little things to make me smile:

He walked in the door with a rose he picked from outside. so cute ;]

On another day, I walk into the house and find these sunflowers! He said it was just because i am his sunshine. Oh bless his heart. lol

Today, we woke up early and made a trip to the swap meet! So much fun...and oh the coconuts! i love it!

After all the walking around, our little bellies got hungry, so we made a stop to Denny's.  I love this statement: "Listen to that little voice in your head...the one telling you to order the pie." LOL! such an Andrea thing to say. 

I'm off to the beach! Yes, it's still beach weather! I'm definitely taking advantage of it while i can! 

More Update:

So we winded up going to the beach...yes, the beach in the end of October! ah, i love San Diego! ;] it was extremely relaxing just laying there under the sun with a good book.

For dinner, we decided on having a taco night. :] My american style tacos that is. lol.  John made some beans with chorizo and I made spanish rice...which I learned to make from his mama. yum! 

Goodnight world!!



  1. i really love your hair, is there something special that you do to make it that way? what products do you recommend?

  2. thanks! unfortunately, i'm rarely on my blog! that should change soon though, i'm planning on doing more posts on make-up, hair, and even cooking! :D But, hair wise, i don't use too many products. I use bumble and bumble hair lotion and hair creme into damp hair before i blow dry it. The creme gives me volume, where as the lotion keeps my hair feeling soft while protecting my hair by sealing it. On the ends i use biosilk hair shine serum. It's amazing! Makes hair super soft! Other than that, I use a large barrel curing iron most days and a strong hold hairspray. Thanks for your question! Makes me want to do some real blogging! :D

  3. thanks for the tips! you are so pretty and now im intrigued about the volumizer you mentioned!