Friday, October 16, 2009

Hello, Friday... I've missed you.

HAPPY FRIDAY!! The weekend is here! :D

Last Saturday, we had a visitor from Alaska and we ended up doing a very touristy kind of thing... Take a stroll around Seaport Village! :] It was a beauttttiful day and perfect for spending it outside with some good food and beer.  Afterwards, we decided to see the movie Paranormal Activity and experience for ourselves what all the buzz was about.  As expected, it was creepy and the anticipation made me hold on to my seat throughout the movie.  We then headed over to a local sports bar and ate some good old bar food and washed it all down with some hefenweizen. yum! As if we needed more beer, we went over to a friends and played some kings cup and drank some more. Just a very chill, yet fun night :]  



  1. hey youre at sea port village :P

  2. oh duh i'm dumb u just said it in your post lol

  3. I sure am :] are you living in San Diego as well?

  4. yup for almost all of my life :)