Sunday, June 21, 2009

Viva Mexico!

So this June was my first actual experience in Mexico.  I'm not talking about the TJ border either, this time it was Cabo!  After notifying my parents of our little trip, my mom's reaction, as always, was that of an overprotective korean parent.  Her outburst about the swine flu was followed by the questions, "Did you pack a mask? What's the address you're staying at? What's a phone number I can reach you at in case of an emergency?"  I suddenly had the overwhelming feeling of being a high school teenager again, and in return I'm ashamed to say I disobeyed.  I refused to be the only person sporting a mask in 100 plus degree weather.  Anyway, we drove to the LAX airport where a particular arrogant person, whom I wasn't too fond of during the whole trip, really pushed my buttons.  But regardless, I wasn't about to let anything or anyone ruin my trip.  So onto the plane and off we were to Mexico!
We landed in Mexico about 2 hours later where we were greeted by the sweetest family.  They drove us to the house that we would be staying at to drop off our luggage and took us to a little Mexican joint where I had the shrimp diablo style.  It was delicious, but I'm sad to say that I'm a little disappointed that I never got to order my champanada. It's a ceviche like dish with every seafood you could imagine; octopus, sea snail, scallops, fish, and a few others.  
All in all, I had my share of fresh ceviche throughout the trip, so I guess I made up for it.  I'd have to say the best culinary experience was eating the fresh oysters caught by Alejandro (the man kind enough to open his bed and breakfast to us) himself from Zippers, which was the beach we had been at for most of the trip. 

We ate them on the balcony of his beautiful place over looking the city, beach, and all of its glory. There's really nothing like sipping back some Pacificos after chucking back some fresh caught oysters.  

I'm proud to say that John was brave enough to open up to the idea of experiencing his first oyster.  There was laughter, spilt beer, and Choche opening beers with the end of a mop.  They were genuinely nice people, and I enjoyed getting a taste of their laid back lifestyle.

Spending hours at the beach each day, I'm fortunate enough to say that I was not stung by a jellyfish or pricked by a sea urchin.  After probing the crystal clear ocean water for sea life during our snorkeling excursion, I was amazed at how many sea urchin had been right underneath us.  They certainly were not joking when they warned me to wear booties if I intended on going in.  It was magnificent. Unlike my snorkeling experience in La Jolla, California, this was breathtaking.  With so many different kinds of fish and coral surrounding us, I didn't want to get out! Not to mention the 75-80 degree water temperature! Something I definitely look forward to experiencing again, soon...

After spending most of our trip at Alejandro's, John and I decided that we wanted to end the trip with some R&R and spend some quality time together.  We checked into a resort, which was right off the beach, and paid only about $70 a night!  With the swine flu scare, they are in desperate need of business.  We even got a free upgrade that included complimentary booze all night and breakfast in the morning. We spent a good amount of time at the pool bar.  That was the perfect way to end our trip in Cabo.  I headed home a couple of days earlier than John due to the start of my summer semester.  Good food, good company, and a GREAT tan equals good times!

beautiful sunset.
work station.
a little road side grub?

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  1. great description~ almost imagine i was there. i want some oysters sure they were oh so good. my mouth waters as i write this comment. so john's first time eating oysters huh? good stuff. i must visit cabo one day!