Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Blues.

I'm feeling blue...very under the weather.

The only downfall to working with kids is all their germs! The health advisor had let us know last week that strep throat was going around...several of our kids went home sick with strep throat, and it's just my luck to have caught it.  So as I lay at home, sick, I thought the least I could do was update my blog. :]  Although I was sick, I managed to stumble out of bed and force myself to make it through my two morning classes. 7:30am - 1:45. bleh. now i'm at home relaxing with a warm cup of green tea.  

This weekend was nice, hung out with some coworkers for Michele's birthday.  Here's a picture of Katie, myself, and John at the Old Spaghetti Factory:

We made a spontaneous stop at Acapulco's to find ourselves to be the only non hispanic people...John doesn't count...he's less mexican than I am. lol  There was a full on mariachi band playing; not to mention the man sitting at the table across from us, who asked them to play a song for Katie to show his undying love for her. haha. All in all it was an interesting and fun experience.  Although, I don't know if we'll be going there on Saturday nights anytime soon... ;] There was reggaetone music blaring from the speakers, and I suddenly felt like I was in Tijuana for a second.  I also ordered Michele her first red headed slut; she's not a drinker so she wound up over the toilet. lol. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELE! ;]

As for fun surprises, I checked the mail last week to find a cute teddy bear print package addressed to me! :] My amazing friend Monica had sent me a bday gift! It's a beautiful crystal necklace from the Nordstrom collection.  She always spoils me ;] Thank you so much Monica! You literally are tooo sweet of a friend and I will always cherish the necklace forever! She literally  hasn't missed my bday since I could remember...even when we're miles apart! Love you! 

As soon as I got home from class, I plopped down on my couch and laid there for a while.  Landon has the tendency to lay on top of peoples' chest when they lay on their backs, and this is my view of him....he seriously gets up close and personal...Usually he rubs his face around your neck to cuddle. lol
gotta love my babies ;]

Alright, it's about time for me to take some Nyquil and pass out. I'll leave you with a photo of me trying not to look sick. lol


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